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Did you hear about the woman who didn't know she was pregnant and gave birth to a surprise baby? It can happen, but it's certainly not par for the course. In fact, a woman's body can start showing signs of pregnancy just a few days after conception — that's right, even before that telltale missed period or belly bump. Are you moody? Tired? Bloated? Nauseous? Suddenly craving ice cream on toast? You might just be pregnant! Of course, none of these symptoms are exclusive to pregnancy. Maybe you're just majorly stressed out, or coming down with a cold.

The one way to know for (almost) sure: take an at-home pregnancy test. That involves peeing on a stick and waiting for a + or - sign to determine the rest of your life. We have a more fun (but admittedly less conclusive) alternative. Click on to find out if you need to start stocking up on diapers and onesies.

Did you know?

Do DIY pregnancy tests really work?

There's no scientific evidence to prove homemade pregnancy tests work, but women have been using them for ages. Most involve mixing a few drops of urine with another household substance (say vinegar, sugar, toothpaste, or wine) and waiting 10 long minutes to see the result.

The most reliable DIY test is said to be the bleach test. Pee in a cup and add some powdered bleach. If it foams, you're pregnant! In theory, DIY tests work the same way as more medically accepted ones. The reaction happens if the pregnancy hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is present in the urine. While DIY pregnancy tests might make for a fun experiment, drugstore pregnancy tests are right 99 out of 100 times, and you don't have to breathe in any noxious chemicals while you wait!

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