Could You Be Color Blind and Not Even Know It?


Do you see colors in the same way as everyone else? Sometimes the symptoms of color blindness are so mild, you don't even notice them. Turns out, there could be a reason all those people at work are giving your outfit a sideways stare. The more accurate term for color blindness is "color vision deficiency." The former term is misleading because 99% of colorblind people do see colors, but with less vibrant hues or easily confused tones. Most of the time, people are born with color blindness and have no way of knowing unless they get tested. The eye doctor might give you the Ishihara Color Test, which features images of numbers hidden among bundles of polka dots in random sizes and colors. We have a less "clinical" test, but it could reveal a color vision deficiency — or just a trailblazing sense of fashion. Click on to find out if you're one of the 300 million people worldwide with red-green, blue-yellow, or monochromatic color blindness. Remember, though: this test is just for fun!

Did you know?

Could color blindness cramp your career?

Paul Newman wanted to be a pilot for the Navy, but during his flight physical, doctors discovered he was color blind. Instead of flying aircraft, Newman was redirected to radioman training. If you have color blindness, your condition could alter your career plans. Many professions in aviation, engineering, medicine, and law enforcement require non-defective color vision. Let's face it, being able to identify the colors of organs, traffic signals accurately, and electrical wires is pretty important. However, a lot of employers are starting to relax standards, largely thanks to modern technology. Special software, contacts, and eyeglasses are now available to help people perceive colors more precisely. But most people with color blindness don’t have problems in everyday life and pursue all kinds of dreams — Paul Newman, Jack Nicklaus, Mark Zuckerberg, and Mr. Rogers are just a few.

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