Choose Your NFL Dream Team; Predict Who'll Win Super Bowl LVII


The Super Bowl is one of the most exciting athletic events, and with good reason, every year, people flock to their TV sets for this unrivaled source of entertainment. With a mix of celebrities, the game's biggest names, and a few surprises thrown in for good measure, this gridiron celebration continues to keep fans on the edge of their seats. Getting to the game takes a combination of luck and skill that NFL stars are all too aware of as they go through another season. These athletes have received their fair share of pain and patience to get where they are today. Luckily, fans don't have to take those same hits to enjoy the spectacle. All it takes is an internet connection and the time to go through some top names among NFL's legendary teams. Choosing a team of your own is a great way to pick the winner of Super Bowl LVII. After all, who better than the league's icons to become the newest champion? Think you have what it takes to put together a dream team and predict the Super Bowl LVII winner? Take our quiz now to find out.


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Did you know?

What year was the first Super Bowl held?

The first Super Bowl was on January 15th, 1967. It was a runaway game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers. The Packers won over their AFL opponents 35 to 10. The event was an instant success in terms of viewership both in person and through network television. It was held in the LA Coliseum with a reported attendance of well over 61,000. At home, TV sets across the nation tuned in to see sportscasters including Ray Scott for CBS and Curt Gowdy for NBC cover the action. Between the two networks, an estimated 50 million people watched the game. Radio broadcasts also carried the event to areas that couldn't get the channel. Unlike today's coveted million-dollar commercials, slots during the event went for just over $40,000 per 30 seconds. With inflation, the total comes out to be roughly $300,000 today.

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