Choose Your Favorite Scary Movies and We’ll Tell You Your Next Halloween Costume


Do you like scary movies? You know you do. Something about the chill in the air and everything tasting like pumpkin spice makes us all love scary films even more as we build to the climax of the fall season-Halloween. So take this quiz picking your favorite scary movies and find out what Halloween costume you will wear to drink your pumpkin ale and binge on bite-size chocolate.

Did you know?

You'll shed pounds watching horror films

While sitting on your couch watching movies is not a great way to stay in shape, if you are looking for a lazy way to burn some extra calories, watching scary movies is the way to go. A study by the University of Westminster hooked movie viewers up to equipment that tracked their vital signs. They found that watching horror movies increased the heart rate of the viewers. As your pulse quickens and your blood pumps faster, the body experiences an increase of adrenaline. This adrenaline that is produced during short bursts of intense stress increases the Basal Metabolic Rate ultimately burning a higher level of calories. So the next time you go on a Netflix binge, go ahead and make sure that you are watching terrifying horror movies so you can justify this time as your work out for the day. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the film that the study found to burn the most calories (184 calories total) was "The Shining."

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