Can You Pass this Elementary School Exam?


Some people retain the information they learned when they were younger, while others can only recall bits and pieces of it. It all depends on how much we hold on to stuff and how much we study it long after we leave school.

The questions in our elementary school quiz range from kindergarten to 5th grade and include grammar, social studies, science, and more. Do you think you have what it takes? Good luck!

Did you know?

Did you know that the teddy bear has a story behind its name?

The teddy bear has much more meaning than being used for comfort. The teddy bear was named after the 26th president, Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, following an incident on a hunting trip.

Roosevelt joined several hunters on a bear hunting trip in Mississippi in 1902. A few of the hunters injured a bear and offered Roosevelt an opportunity to shoot it, but Roosevelt refused, saying it would be unsportsmanlike. This incident soon became the topic of a political cartoon by Clifford Berryman in The Washington Post on November 16, 1902.

The cartoon inspired Morris Michtom to make a small stuffed bear cub. After sending one to Roosevelt as a gift and receiving Roosevelt's permission to use his name, Michtom put the bear in his shop window with a sign that said, "Teddy's bear". The toy became a huge success almost immediately, and Michtom soon founded the Ideal Novelty and Toy Co. Another toy manufacturer in Germany, the Steiff firm, produced a similar stuffed bear, completely unaware of Michtom's version. Steiff displayed the toy at the Leipzig Toy Fair in 1903, where it was seen by Hermann Berg. Berg ordered 3,000 bears to be sent to the US, but records showed they never arrived because the boat carrying the bears was shipwrecked. This means that Michtom and Steiff never knew of each other's creations.

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