Put your animal recognition skills to the test: Can You Tell the Difference Between These Confused Animals?


Our incredible planet is absolutely teeming with life of all shapes and sizes, and many of these creatures tend to resemble each other. As an armchair zoologist, you've likely misidentified animals more than you'd like to admit. There are caterpillars that look like snakes, spiders that resemble ants, and so much more. Plus, you regularly see many of these animal lookalikes, and — chances are — you’ve been calling them the wrong name for years without realizing it. Put your zoological knowledge to the test and see if you can tell which of these animals is which. Though it might seem easy, that’s often far from the case.

Did you know?

Animals can slowly become more similar?

Have you ever noticed that animals from entirely different countries often look nearly identical? For example, both the echidna and the hedgehog are spiny mammals that resemble small porcupines. However, all three are from completely different scientific orders. This is due to convergent evolution. Sometimes convergent evolution occurs because the creatures occupy a similar environment that requires a particular adaptation, like needing to store water in a hot region. In other cases, animals might evolve similarly due to filling the same niche. Many snakes hunt their prey from trees, so a green coloration improves their hunting and breeding.

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