Can You Survive The Impending Zombie Apocalypse?


It was inevitable. Society as we know it will crumble at the rotting flesh covered hands of terrifying zombies. Are you smart enough and strong enough to battle these walking dead and survive this impending zombie apocalypse? Take this quiz and find out!

Did you know?

While the idea of a zombie apocalypse seems like a far fetched movie plot, it actually happened once!

Well sort of. Tales of the walking dead seem to have originated in Central and West Africa and first came over on slave ships to places like Haiti where sugar and coffee plantations depended on the labor of millions of slaves. Life for these slaves was brutal, and every aspect of their existence was controlled, so religion and the idea of the afterlife became their only chance at salvation and freedom. The idea of being dead and still a slave was their biggest nightmare. Haitian Vodou, a relative of West African Voodoo, was a prominent religion which emphasized a culture of harmony with the dead. The priest, or Bokor, was responsible for using spells and potions to help guide souls to the afterlife, but he could also reanimate these souls turning them into trapped spiritual zombies-which is where we get the word zombie. And as creepy as the concept of a spiritual zombie is, it gets even creepier. There are documented cases in Haiti of slave owners calling upon Voodoo to help create actual zombies. Seriously! They used a powder with the poison tetrodotoxin which is found in puffer fish. This powder would cause disorientation, aggressiveness if disturbed, muscle weakness/paralysis, face wounds, and put the person in a trance-like state to control them and keep them enslaved. So zombies were walking around! They just didn't cause an apocalypse. Though who could have blamed them if they did?

How to Play?

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