Can You Spot the Fake News?

Let's talk Fake News. Remember the game of telephone from your school days? One person said something to the next, and the next passed the information on, and so on and so on until the message: “This news is the truth” became “Janie lost her front tooth in a boating accident.” Now, with social media making it so easy to share information, the problem has become discerning what’s true from what’s an alternative fact.

This quiz gauges your awareness of what’s Fake News making the rounds on social media, and what news you really ought to pay attention to. Let the speculations begin!

Did you know?

How Can You Spot Fake News?

Fake news is not new, but social media has made it into an even bigger problem than ever before. It’s too easy for false news stories or faked images to go viral. Someone out there will believe it and share it, and a hoax gets widespread attention. Some best practices for you to determine the reliability of news you encounter online include: - Paying attention to domains and URLs. E.g., is legit while is a site made to look professional. - Reading the sources About Us section. There should be one, and it should be straightforward and identify company leaders, mission, and ethics. - Look for quotes. A lack of quotes is a red flag. When there are quotes from say professors or academics look up the studies or research they are talking about. - Reverse image search. You can right-click on an image and have Google search for it. Then you’ll see if it appears in a lot of stories with different topics or only in your source story. - Know which sites are satirical. The Onion, for instance, is known for exaggerated and humorous stories made to look reliable.

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