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Remaining Lifelines

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This now-famous actor turned down the opportunity to be part of the Scooby Gang.

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Quiz WriterJake

Jake didn’t think he’d become a writer when he was growing up in southern Saskatchewan, Canada, but fate had another idea. After barely squeaking through grade 9 English, by the luck of the draw Jake found himself with the most inspiring literature instructor his small town had ever known, and grade 10 English changed his life! Suddenly, evenings once spent at the hockey rink were spent curled up on the couch with the best of Hemingway, Dickens, and John Grisham. A valedictorian address and English degree at the University of Regina later, Jake is proud to call Heywise his favorite place to pen informative quizzes about all his passion projects. If you’re reading a post and pick up a hint of classic English literature, you’re probably reading something by Jake - especially if you come away feeling like a slightly better person for it.

Did you know?

It started with a movie...

The cult TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer is considered one of Joss Whedon’s best creations. The show is a take on the 1992 film by the same name, which starred Kristy Swanson in the lead role. Joss Whedon was actually signed on as the writer for the film, but he was reportedly so frustrated with how his vision was being manipulated and rewritten that he ultimately walked off the project.

Seth Green, who plays the werewolf rocker Oz in the show, has a small vampiric role in the movie. He, like many vampires in Buffy’s life, taunt until they get kicked in the face. The movie featured a lot of big names, as well as a few then-unknown actors, such as Hilary Swank and Ben Affleck.

The television show makes casual reference to the events in the movie, implying that the events at the end of the movie prompted Buffy’s move to Sunnydale, though the two creations are not really considered part of the same world.

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