Do You Have what it Takes to be a Navy Sailor? Find Out with This Challenging Quiz!


The United States Navy has come a long way from the single schooner, USS Hannah, appropriated by Commander-in-Chief George Washington September 1775. Over 240 years later, the United States Navy is the largest navy in the world. Today's Navy boasts 336,978 active duty personnel, 279,471 civilian employees, 101,583 ready reserve personnel, and 290 deployable ships (as of 2019) out of a total of 480. Not only is this the world's largest Navy, but the United States Navy also owns bragging rights as the world' s second-largest air force, behind only the United States Air Force. What say you, you salty seadog? Care to test your knowledge of the world's most powerful maritime force?

Did you know?

How many US Navy ships have sunk since WW II?

While over 350 U.S. Navy warships and patrol craft were sunk or damaged beyond repair between 1941 and 1945, in the seven decades since, less than 30 US Navy ships have been lost directly due to enemy action or accidents. Notable among these: the USS Magpie, due to a North Korean mine; the USS Liberty, which was attacked by Israeli Defense Forces; the USS Pueblo, captured by North Korea and its crew held as prisoners for a year; the USS Frank E Evans, which was split in two by the Australian Navy carrier HMAS Melbourne after inexperienced US Navy officers conducted emergency maneuvers.

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