Can You Pass This Basic French Quiz?

French is fun. No matter if you studied the language of Molière decades ago in high school or you’re planning a university exchange program this year in Paris, this short quiz will surprise you with some facts about French that you could never have imagined! Many people learning a new language assume that the rules work the same way as in their first language. This quiz will debunk that myth in every way imaginable. The multiple-choice questions touch on general points about history, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and trivia. Check your results at the end!

Did you know?

French FTW!

Whether English speakers want to admit it or not, they owe a great deal to the French for the enormous diversity of vocabulary of English, itself a hybrid language that evolved from so many sources during French occupation and British colonial times, but also from French cuisine, ballet, fashion and other arts, and perhaps most of all, the long tradition of French being used in the legal arena. Another area where French influenced its former colonies and in particular, the United States, is in the concept of modern democracy. While the French Revolution wouldn’t arrive until 1789, 13 years after the United States declared independence, the “Lumières,” or French philosophers of the time, were an enormous source of inspiration for America’s founding fathers. We hope you found this quiz as “enlightening” as the founding fathers found the Lumières! Thanks for participating and staying until the end. For more information on how the language of Molière influenced the language of Shakespeare, here is a very good

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