Can You Pass the Ultimate Little Mermaid Fan Quiz?


Every single one of the Disney princesses has her own unique story. But when it comes to undersea living, no one knows it better than the feisty, red-headed Little Mermaid we, land-dwellers, have all come to love. She's got gadgets and gizmos aplenty. She's got every underwater thingamabob, but all she ever wants is to become human. So, how well do you know this spirited princess? Can you differentiate between a snarfblat and a dinglehopper? Think you know her story better than the protective King Triton or the hunky Prince Eric himself? Take this quiz and find out if you're really a fan of The Little Mermaid!

Did you know?

The Disney film that almost never was

The Little Mermaid almost never made it to Disney’s roster of princesses. Then Disney CEO, Michael Eisner, initially passed up on the first draft of the movie adaptation. Fortunately for all avid Ariel fans, studio chairman Jeffry Katzenberg gave the green light for the story development. Similarly, the soundtrack, “Part of Your World,” almost did not make it to the final cut as well. It was only at the insistence of lead animator Glen Keane and lyricist Howard Ashman that they included it in the movie. These turned out to be the right calls as The Little Mermaid became a box-office hit with a memorable soundtrack to boot, kicking off an era that many refer to as the “Disney Renaissance.”

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