Can You Pass a 7th Grade Civics Test?

How much of your childhood education do you think you retained? Sure, you probably remember where most of the states are on a map. Maybe you were great at spelling and vocab, or math. But how about civics, the study of the United States government and constitution? Perhaps you are well-versed in your liberties and responsibilities as a citizen. You know how the politics are set up, and you know your part in making this government a strong, functioning system. On the other hand, maybe you aren't. Can you recall what the country requires of individuals trying to become citizens of the United States? What's the difference between a Democracy and an Oligarchy? Can accurately define the various Amendments in the Constitution, or the role played by Thomas Paine? Take our test and see how much you really remember about your 7th-grade civics class. Then challenge your friends and see who needs to go back to school.

Did you know?

Civics in the Classroom

Civics class is something you probably remember from back in middle school. You had to learn all kinds of complicated terms, memorize Amendments, and take some grueling tests. Knowing how the government was created and made into law is an integral part of being a citizen of the United States. So why do so few American citizens know the laws and how they came to be? Studies show that after that basic 7th-year civics class, students aren't required to take any more classes on the subject. Colleges don't have a civics requirement either, so for many Americans today, that single class is the only chance they have to learn these facts.

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