Can You Name These World Capitals From Just an Image?


This one goes out to all you quizzers with a fair dose of wanderlust. Think you know your world geography? Can you tell Rabat from Cairo, or Amsterdam from Vienna? Think you can tell which city is shown in just one photograph? Then look no further than our world capitals quiz! We will be travelling to wondrous locations all over the globe. And thus paying a visit to capital cities great and small. Test your knowledge and prove your worth against your friends, or just simply enjoy 50 photographs of some of the world's finest. This quiz will start easy and pick up the pace fairly quickly, so get warmed up, mind-globes to the ready, and go!


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Did you know?

There are four different types of capital city.

Firstly, a normal capital city, which is an area of a country or province that is given a higher status than any other city. Next, a de facto capital, one which is head of a country’s government but not the official capital city. This can be down to tradition, emergency or conflict. Then you have purpose-built capitals; these are ones which are built because the old capital became too overcrowded, was destroyed or is too vulnerable to attack. Finally, you have split capitals, which are capital cities that have been split for either political or geographical reasons, having two or more different regions – think Berlin during the Cold War!

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