Can You Name These Western Stars?


Western films depicting American frontier life were popular from the early 20th century until the 1960s. The iconic cowboy, fashioned with a hat, gun, bandana, and boots, remains a oft-seen cultural figure. These films often featured crime, honor, and retribution, starring bandits, outlaws, Native Americans, gamblers, and settlers, in addition to the stock cowboy. They're frequently set in dry, desolate landscapes among the wilderness, ranches, or small towns with the ubiquitous saloon. Though the genre doesn't enjoy nearly the same level of popularity it once did, some of Hollywood's biggest stars clinched their fame as cowboys and cowgirls during the genre's golden era. From Clint Eastwood to Steve McQueen to Ronald Reagan, Western film stars have been a crucial part of the American film industry from the beginning. How familiar are you with Western movie stars? Test your Wild West knowledge and find out if you can name them all!


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Did you know?

The Popularity of the Westerns Genre

Though many people think of "B" Western movies as good guys with ten-gallon hats chasing down the bad guys, these early films were widely enjoyed and laid the foundation for the success of the Western genre. Today's audience might find them outdated, but movie producers at the time knew how to appeal to younger viewers, as well as their concerned parents; they made films that focused on action, stunts, and entertainment, instead of violence. Guns, while always onscreen, most often highlighted marksmanship and were rarely shown to kill someone. Many popular Western stars, such as John Wayne and Rita Hayworth, got their start in these films.

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