Can You Name These TV Shows From the UK?


Folks have been watching television since well before World War II, and the medium has captured our imagination ever since. The United States clearly produces a lot of quality (and a fair bit of not-so-quality) TV material, but so do our friends across the pond. The Brits have made produced some amazing stuff full of wit, drama, and crassness. In fact, the U.S. has stolen quite a few ideas from them!


So you think if you’ve heard of EastEnders you’re an expert on British TV? Think again. We’ve got a big challenge for you. We’ve got questions on some of the best television shows to come out of the UK. You’ll get quizzed on shows going back a few decades (possibly before you were born) to shows that have only come out in the past few years. You may think you’re an expert on TV, but let’s see how you feel after this test!

Did you know?

Who was John Logie Baird?

John Logie Baird was a Scottish engineer born in 1888, and he became one of the founding fathers of television. While there were many people involved in the development of the TV, Baird was the first to transmit a greyscale image. The image was of a ventriloquist’s dummy by the name of “Stooky Bill.”

Baird demonstrated the television to members of the Royal Institution in 1926, and by the next year was able to transmit a television signal between London and Glasgow. In 1928, the first transatlantic transmission took place, and the BBC aired its first program. The first UK television drama aired in 1930: “The Man With the Flower in His Mouth.”

In 1931, Baird was responsible for the first live outside broadcast—the Derby. It wasn’t long before competitors entered the market, and soon, higher definition televisions entered the market. By 1937, Baird’s TVs were considered obsolete. By the time of King George VI’s coronation, over nine thousand television sets were sold in London.

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