Can You Name These Spooky Halloween Movies?


Movies are a great way to get into any holiday spirit, and Halloween is no different. Some of the best Halloween movies are terrifying. Right down to your very core. But how many have you seen? Test your knowledge with this quiz!

History lesson

The allure of embracing the unknown: delving into transcendental horror

Transcendental horror movies aren't your typical jump-scare flicks. Instead of the usual run-and-hide narrative, these films often lead their protagonists into a deep communion with the very horrors that threaten them. It's a dance between the known and the unknown, where characters don't just escape or confront the terror; they merge with it. This union, whether it's sought after or thrust upon them, results in an ecstatic or enlightened state, offering a unique twist on the traditional horror narrative.

2019 was a standout year for this subgenre, with films like "Midsommar" and "The Lighthouse" captivating audiences. In "Midsommar," the lead character, Dani, doesn't just flee from the pagan cult; she becomes its queen, her mind a whirlwind of grief, betrayal, and hallucinogens. Similarly, in "The Lighthouse," Ephraim Winslow's descent into madness culminates in a moment of enlightenment, albeit one that leads to his doom. These films, among others, challenge the viewer to consider horror not just as a force to be feared, but as a potential path to a higher understanding.

The origins of transcendental horror can be traced back to the body-horror boom of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Directors like David Lynch and David Cronenberg probed the extremities of physical existence, using the human body as a canvas for both horror and spiritual ecstasy. Their works laid the foundation for modern films that blur the lines between terror and transcendence. In these stories, pain and suffering might just be the price of admission for a glimpse into the sublime.

Did you know?

Halloween, 1978

The famous John Carpenter movie "Halloween" has been a classic horror film since it first came out in 1978. Being the debut movie for Jamie Lee Curtis, and also the creator of the creepy and iconic Michael Myers, this movie is nothing short of popular around the Halloween time of year, even close to 40 years later. No one ever questions what the movie is about when they see the title; however, did you know that "Halloween" wasn't the original title? It was supposed to be called "The Babysitter Murders"! The title got changed to "Halloween" because the producer thought it best if it was centered around a specific holiday.

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