Can You Name These Soccer Teams From a Portion of Their Logo?


For soccer fans, the crest is one of the most sacred parts of their team's identity. Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan found this out the hard way in 2012 when he opted to rebrand the team, changing their sacred Bluebird logo to a red dragon. The outcry was so great among Cardiff supporters that within three years Tan was forced to relent, bringing back the Bluebird while putting the dragon on the bottom of the crest as a secondary logo. Around the world, most soccer fans feel just as strongly about their own team's crest and colors, and some of them are so iconic that a small portion is enough for a supporter to recognize it. We've rounded up 30 crests from some of the top leagues around the world to see if you can figure out the corresponding team from just a frame!

Did you know?

What's in a star?

A star above a team's crest is used to symbolize the championships won during the club's history. The first club to add a star was Juventus of Italy's Serie A, which did so in recognition of Juventus' 10th title, in 1958. In most European leagues, many of which have been around for more than 100 years, a star is awarded for every 10 titles a team has won, while younger leagues such as the United States' Major League Soccer award a star for each title. Because the World Cup is played only every four years, national teams use the American style of one star per title. Brazil currently has the most stars, with five, while Italy, Germany, and Uruguay carry four each.

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