Think You Know NFL History? Identify These Greats!


We're talking about the players and coaches who have helped make the NFL the most popular sport in America. Many of these men played on real grass and in real mud; no video screens and luxury boxes. Some of these players never saw a multi-million dollar contract. They made a few thousand dollars playing football and had regular jobs. They paved the way for what the NFL is now. Most fans know today's stars. But it's the true fans, the ones who have followed the sport for years, who will know these former NFL players and coaches. Do you know who was the first player ever drafted by the Dallas Cowboys? Do you know how they were able to draft him? If you do, let's see how well you do on this quiz. If you don't, take the quiz, have some fun, and learn about some of the legends of the NFL.

Did you know?

Babysitters helped lead to the AFL-NFL merger

The merger of the AFL and NFL jump-started the growth of pro football in the US. The AFL was formed in 1959 and began playing in 1960. This began fierce competition between the leagues for college players. Each league would hold its draft and then try to sign players. Each league drafted the same players, making it a race to get a signature. The Rams of the NFL came up with a plan: have team personnel become friendly with college players before the draft and stick with them. They were called babysitters. Teams copied the Rams, and college players were stashed away until they could sign a contract. One famous story involves Al Davis, the late Raiders owner. In 1962 he was a coach for the Chargers. Both leagues wanted Arkansas' Lance Alworth. When Arkansas played Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, Davis signed Alworth on the field after the game.

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