Can You Name these Lunch Foods?


You don’t need to be a lunch lady to know these familiar foods served to break up the day. Whether you’re eating over Tupperware in your office cubicle, taking a tray to the cafeteria line, or out to a restaurant regularly with a crew of colleagues, you’re likely to run into some of these items.

Don’t worry. You can relax. We don’t offer any opinion on the nutritional value or caloric input of any of these options. In our mind they are all tasty — whatever gets your salivary glands going. You’ll get a picture (cue stomach grumbling) and a couple of options to choose from. Bon appétit!

Did you know?

How did we come by the word lunch?

Etymologists (the people who study words, while eating sandwiches at their desk) aren’t really sure. It appears that lunch originally referred only to a thick hunk of bread or cheese — and not the time at which it was eaten. The word luncheon came later. And it was the longer version that was first used to describe a midday meal. It wasn’t until the mid-19th century that the word lunch came to be used to refer to the midday meal. And even then it was considered a lower class way to refer to this repast. No wonder we even today think of a luncheon as being a more formal affair.

By the way, the origin of luncheon may also have been influenced by the word nuncheon. Yep, that one didn’t last as long, but it used to refer to a drink or light snack in the afternoon. We at Heywise hope you will now begin embracing “nuncheon” as your word of choice when you take a mid-afternoon snack break. Let’s bring it back!

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