Can You Name these Japanese Foods?


Japanese food is amazing. There's more than sushi growing in popularity due to its tastiness! This quiz is going to try and separate the Japanese food buffs from the rest. It will test your Asian cuisine knowledge to its absolute limits. Can you separate your miso from your bento? Think you can tell your tempura from your sashimi? Can you identify a dish of delicious oden? Once you've proven your worth and culinary wizardry, challenge your friends to beat you and see who is the king or queen of Japanese cuisine! Ready, Set, Go!


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Did you know?

There are only three national food traditions that are recognized by the UN for cultural significance?

France and Mexico are on the list, and they are joined by traditional Japanese cuisine – which is known as washoku (literally, “food of Japan”). The seafood industry makes up a large part of Japan’s culinary economy, with the Tsukiji Market in Tokyo selling over seven-hundred thousand tons of seafood each year. The fortune cookie, despite being commonly misconceived as a Western invention, actually originated in 19th century Japan, where the fortune was placed inside the bend of the cookie rather than inside the cookie’s hollow center. The world’s most expensive fish can be found in Japan and is used in exotic sushi dishes, the Bluefin Tuna costs around $375,000.

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