Can You Name These Iconic Movie Characters?

Iconic characters are timeless. They’re straightforward, memorable, and leave an indelible mark on us. An iconic character steals the scene. They don’t always have to be the main character, and they’re not always the hero, but they make an impression on the viewer and the movie they’re in. They may even be the reason that many classic films have lasted so long in our hearts and minds. Sometimes they thrill us or make us laugh. Others we fall in love with, or fear. Which movie characters have made the biggest impact on you in your life. Are they from someone everyone would recognize? Maybe they're on this list!  Take this quiz to see if you’re a blockbuster addict or a D-lister.

Did you know?

How many movies will you see in a lifetime?

Movies are a bit part of most people's daily lives. We watch them on TV with family, at the theater on dates, at home from streaming devices. Westerners have access to movies everywhere we go, and it's a big part of our culture. We make friends based on fandoms and discuss big blockbusters at the water cooler. So how many movies do you think you've seen? According to Redbox, the average American sees over 5,000 movies in a lifetime. For movie fans — double it. Most producers hope for a movie with around three main characters: the hero and two solid supporting characters. That’s over 15,000 main characters floating around in each person’s mind before counting antagonists and other characters who may appear. With numbers like that, it’s no wonder that what makes a movie truly sink or swim are those characters that rise above the crowd and call out to us. Theirs’ are the names and faces we don’t forget.

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