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Challenge Yourself: Guess the Names of these Iconic Classic Cars!

Kyle, Heywise Staff
By Kyle, Heywise Staff

From drive-by bit roles to upstaging the actors, classic cars are a big part of show business. They help define the character being played -- James Bond for example -- and provide a vehicle for the actor to express him or herself, from Thelma and Louise to Mr. Bean. Iconic cars also bring back memories and define the time when the action is taking place. Unless, of course, you're talking about a time-traveling DeLorean. If you know your vehicles, you can sometimes predict the outcome of a scene: who's going to win the car chase? Do they have the power or cornering they need to get away? Will they make the jump or end up in the river? This quiz has a dual-track for culture fans and car enthusiasts. Can you name these cars by the gearhead clues or the movie and TV references? One is, yes, a radio star instead. If you have a friend who's a car whiz, try feeding them only the movie clues and see if they still do as well!

Did you know?

What happens to cars after they've been in a movie?

Sometimes classic cars from classic movies are hard to sell after filming. Many of the cars from American Graffiti went to the scrapyard, were sold for very cheap, or didn't sell at all when offered in the newspaper. One of them, also the answer to one of these quiz questions, just went back to its owners, who had lent it to George Lucas for filming. They kept it for decades afterward. For many productions, there are so many duplicates of the starring car for backups, stunts, and to keep filming efficient, that it's hard to say which one is "the" star of the show.

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