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Remaining Lifelines

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This bird was an enigma. Was he good? Was he bad? In the end, he comes through.

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Quiz WriterChantelle

Chantelle took to the written word like a fish takes to water. That is to say, she found herself immersed in literature from before she was born. She’s been known to tell her friends all about how she can still remember the passages she heard her mother read to her when she was in the womb - Emily Dickinson, Jane Austen, and a bit of Hunter S. Thompson thrown in to balance it out. Whether she’s whipping up pithy one-liners to tease your brain or busy working on her second novel (the first one is available on Amazon under a pen name she refuses to disclose), Chantelle has continued to keep her feet wet with words, as it were. You’re sure to get a kick out of her giggle-worthy explanations and outrageous hints, and still come away feeling like you’ve just expanded your knowledge base.

Did you know?

Boo From Monsters Inc Has a Real Name

It's Mary Gibbs, after the actress who voiced her! In the movie, you can see her drawing her own name, Mary. It made the little girl who voiced her very happy to hear that Boo would be named after her.

As for Prince Charming in Cinderella and the Queen in Sleeping Beauty — they don’t have names. But some of the secondary characters' names are pretty creative. Yen Sid, the sorcerer from Fantasia, is Disney spelled backward. Speaking of sorcerers, did you know that Elsa in Frozen was supposed to be a villain, not one of the main protagonisst? But everyone loved Let It Go so much, it became a positive song and her character transformed.

Some sidekicks don't even make it into the final cuts. A talking turkey named Redfeather, voiced by John Candy, was meant to be Pocahontas’ sidekick, but the character was completely removed when the creators decided the animals should be mute. Welcome, Meeko.

Another time the spotlights were stolen? Timon and Pumba were originally going to sing “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” but the creators decided the majority of the musical number was better suited to Simba and Nala.

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