Can You Name These Classic Westerns?


Giddyup! Its time to don your boots and spurs and saddle your horses for a Classic Westerns quiz. Good news is you won't have to survive a cold night on the desert eating beans and franks. You can relive this cinematic genre's heyday without going anywhere near real hay either. You'll get a prompt and an image -- see if you can survive the High Noon showdown with each of these classics.


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Did you know?

The Duke

Many of us today associate John Wayne with the American West. In fact, though, he was born in Iowa. And, actually, he was educated at the University of Southern California. He was a consummate actor though. He received his first leading role in The Big Trail in his early 20s. His next big break came from working with John Ford in 1939’s Stagecoach. The actor would work with Ford several times more. Born Marion Robert Morrison, this iconic actor had the screen name of John Wayne, but he was also known as “The Duke.” Although he was active on-screen over nearly 40 years, he didn’t win an Academy Award until 1969. He died in Los Angeles of cancer in 1979.

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