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Relative newcomer Tesla has stirred up the race for better, faster and more affordable electric cars with the Model S. Which German car manufacturer has introduced Mission E?

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Haven, Heywise Staff

Quiz WriterHaven, Heywise Staff

As a child, Haven enjoyed learning everything they could about many subjects, though the best resource was her grandma’s old stack of encyclopedias in those days. Today, Haven still likes to know a bit about everything. When they're not researching information for their posts or flexing that history degree, Haven's going through the quizzes of other authors on the site - because this is where the facts are found! Visitors to our site turn to Haven's fun and factual articles to learn about all kinds of things, from do-it-yourself ideas to the wider world. Those who prefer to get their facts in article format can find Haven all across the web, as well.

Did you know?

Did you know that Ford didn't create the first assembly line for its production of cars?

It was a now-defunct Oldsmobile that beat them to it. Did you know that Roger Moore drove the stylish and gutsy Volvo P1800 sports car for a TV series ‘The Saint?' The 1st hand-built prototype was built and driven in 1957. Did you know that BMW developed a prototype called the GINA that had a solid frame with a stretch Spandex-like skin that proposed it could be shaped for style as well as aerodynamic enhancement? No dings there! Did you know that some of the best car designers in the world still prefer making full-size clay mockups even though we live in the age of modern computer-aided design and 3D printers? Did you know some of the first combustion engine cars appearing in the early stages of the automobile were referred to as ‘infernal machines' powered by ‘cantankerous combustion?' The most popular models at one of America's earliest car shows were powered by electricity, steam, and gas. That was also their order of preference at the time! Did you know that the Gothic styled Batmobile in Tim Burton's Batman Returns was built on a Chevy Malibu chassis? In Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy the Batmobile was described as a cross between a tank and a Lamborghini and the full scale operating versions of it were powered by a 5.7 liter Chevy V8. Did you know that after the first Ford Model T was produced in August of 1908, it went on to sell 16.5 million units? As of 2012, it was the 8th most sold vehicle in the world. Did you know that some long lasting car manufacturers got their start in the bicycle business including Peugeot, Morris, and Triumph?

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