Can You Name These Abnormally Fluffy Animals?


AH! It's so fluffy you need to squeeze it! But can you name what that incredibly adorable fluffy critter is actually called? Sometimes it is harder than you think to tell the difference between a dog and a rodent under all that cuddly fur. So take this quiz to see how much you really know about fluffy animals. We know you can't resist fluffy animals.


Quiz WriterNathan

Let us introduce you to the Listicle Liege, the Article Aficionado, the one and only Nathan. Since creating his first photo collage at the age of five with images clipped from his mom’s Chatelaine magazines (all of them), it’s been nearly impossible to stem this one’s tide of visual learning. Be it the annals of history or the latest celeb gossip, Nathan has probably researched it, likely already has a folder of relevant photos on his desktop, and definitely learned a lot of interesting facts to go with those images. Whereas most well-read adults have bookshelves full of classic literature, Nathan’s stacks are composed of National Geographic and TIME special editions and a curated section of first-grade readers (for inspiration). If you prefer picture books to wordy novels, listicles by Nathan are right up your alley.

Did you know?

Ever see something that is so cute and fluffy that you just want to squeeze it?

Well turns out that feeling is totally normal and there have been many scientific studies to get at the root of why humans get that urge to squeeze a cuddly puppy. This emotion has been named "cute aggression." It is pretty much the same misplaced reaction that we have when we cry at good news or laugh at a funeral. What is happening is that your brain is giving you a burst of the opposite emotion you are feeling to bring you back from being on the brink of overwhelmed by the burst of the initial emotion you were feeling. So when you see an incredibly adorable sloth or a baby chick, the urge to squeeze it is your brain coping with how freaking adorable what you are seeing is. And interestingly, we are in fact hardwired to find babies and animals cute so that we will want to take care of them. It's nature's way of ensuring we care for those that need it. Also interesting is that the sensation of "cute aggression" has been found in studies to be an even more intense "grrr I want to squeeze it!" reaction when we're looking at a picture or video because we cannot physically touch that cute cat, so we are more frustrated. So, thanks to the internet for filling our bodies with frustration and our screens with the most adorable bunnies that we just can't cuddle.

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