Can You Name These 1960s TV Shows?


A great many of the television shows that aired in the 1960s went into syndication and carried on for years. Household ownership of TV sets skyrocketed, and manufacturers could barely keep up with the demand. There was no shortage of shows to fill the airwaves. The childhood memories of countless baby boomers no doubt include having to climb up on the roof to make antenna adjustments for a better picture. This fun 60s tv shows quiz will fill you with nostalgia. How good's your rerun recall?

Did you know?

Watching TV in the 1960s

By the early 1960s, only about 10% of the US population was without a television set. Viewers had a whopping three channels to choose from: ABC, CBS, and NBC. With the advent of this relatively new communication method, people got to watch the Nixon-Kennedy presidential debate from the comfort of their couches and see their idyllic home life fantasies come true in weekly episodes of Leave it to Beaver. The Democratic National Convention aired in 1968, and crooner Perry Como hosted Friday night entertainment. Keep in mind that all this excitement was viewed predominantly in black and white — even though color TVs were invented in the late 50s, the vast majority of homes went without until well into the 60s.

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