Can You Name These 1950s School Supplies?

The world has changed a great deal since the 1950s, mostly thanks to many technological advancements. Most people in their early forties and younger can barely remember (if they can at all) what it’s like to live in a world without immediate information and simple gadgets that perform a million tasks.

Can you imagine going to school without modern tech? How many of these old-school school supplies do you recognize? Do these images conjure up keen memories of shopping at Sears in September, or are you totally lost? Give it your best guess. If you’re a baby boomer, we bet you’ll nail this thing. Pass this quiz along to a younger friend and see if they make the grade!

Did you know?

The Changing Landscape of School in the 1950s

Tech has changed since the 1950s, but lots of other things are different now, too. Writing research papers looked a lot different just a few decades ago. Instead of having Google at their fingertips, students had to turn to books to do most of their research before handing in a handwritten paper or report. For many children who relied on the public education system, formal education started in the first grade; kindergartens didn’t start receiving public funding in the U.S. until 1966.

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