How Well Do You Know African Countries? Test Your Knowledge Here!

Africa is a land of extremes. Vast jungles, endless deserts, bustling cities, wild grasslands — it's no wonder that it has the most diverse populations on Earth. Africa is a real wonder for geography nerds. From the Cape to Cairo, it's the home of 54 countries, each with unique histories, languages, wildlife, food, and more. There's so much variety that being able to remember every single African nation is an epic feat in itself — worthy of a real ruler of the savannah. Do you know which Congo is which? Do you know where chamba comes from? Are you the next Dr. Livingstone, or are you lost in the bush? There's only one way to find out. Do your best to name every country in Africa!

Did you know?

Where did all these countries come from?

Today there are 54 independent nations in Africa, but a hundred years ago there were just two: Ethiopia and Liberia, along with hundreds of tiny kingdoms across the region. After the Scramble for Africa (1881-1914), most of the continent was ruled by European empires. Native protests and international pressure eventually prompted colonizers to decolonize the continent, starting in the 1950s, which began the drawing of the borders we see today. This period of history still has a massive influence on the culture and languages of Africa and its people.

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