Can You Name Each of these Pokémon?


The Japanese have created some of the most popular and culture-shifting art in history. Few could argue that Pokémon tops that list of achievements in terms of mass appeal. When Pokémon first hit the western market, it exploded — almost overnight. It's no wonder the Poké-mania continues today, with Detective Pikachu breaking box office records. Are you one of the world's biggest Pokémon fans? Most fans could guess the main creatures, and maybe a few of the more obscure ones, too. But, we're betting there's no way you could possibly get 100% of these questions correct. This isn't just any old ordinary quiz... In the questions that follow, we're going to start off with all the easy ones and then make these characters more and more obscure as the quiz continues. By the time you get to the end — if you can even get that far — you will know for sure if you truly are the fountain of Poké-knowledge you believe. When you're done, share our Pokémon quiz with your friends to discover the ultimate Pokémon Master!


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Did you know?

Who Invented Pokémon and Why?

The entire concept of the Pokémon universe was created by the visionary Satoshi Tajiri, who originally considered the same premise with a few significant changes. As a child, Tajiri liked to collect insects. He would create professional entomologist-style traps, such as bottle traps, malaise traps, and flight interception. He was so obsessed with insects that his friends began calling him "Dr. Bug". As he grew up, his dreams of becoming a professional entomologist faded, and his love of arcade games flourished. By the time Tajiri created Gamefreak (the founding company of Pokémon), he had already decided to combine his two greatest passions — entomology and computer games — into the Pokémon Universe we know and love today.

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