Can You Match All 50 Flags to their Countries?


Flags unify a nation, change the country and remind people where they live or where they are visiting. While burnt in protest or affixed to the uniform of a country’s brave soldiers, many have lived and died for the flag of their nation. Governments have been given new life with a new flag, while burying the sins of the father, or returned to the flag that was outlawed when they came under a new regime. We’re curious to see how you do with these fifty images of country flags. Don’t worry; we’ve got a hint for each as well as an explanation to remind you why you got it right or why you missed that one. Good luck!

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Did you know?

Nepal's Flag is the only non-rectangular flag

What's funny is that even though Nepal's flag, which looks like two triangles is the only country flag in the world that isn't a rectangle, it is also the oldest official country flag. It has a blue frame that stands for harmony and peace and red, or crimson, that is its national color. The triangles are said to represent the Himalayan mountains buy some, but in actually, it is an old Hindu symbol.

Another misinterpretation is the Greek flag that is believed to represent the Mediterranean Sea and the phrase ‘Freedom or Death.' These are debated, but there is one thing for sure the cross represents Orthodox Christianity.

Many young people think that the Bhutan flag is the coolest because of its outstanding dragon. And well, even the dame of the country means 'dragon.' But it really represents wealth since dragons collect gold and jewels.

Mozambique has one of the most interesting flags even though not many know what it means. To be fair, it does have an Ak-47 plastered on the front. But the flag actually stands for agriculture, the abundance of minerals, and the fight for independence. Unlike most, it brings politics into the story by standing for socialism, education, and progress.

Flags are all so interesting, but not many people give any notice to anyone else's but their own. But when you really start looking at the flags of other countries, you learn a lot and see the beauty of each of them. Even if it's a different color, size, and shape (Nepal) as ours!

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