Can You Identify these US Monuments or Memorials


There are many US monuments and memorials that Americans can recognize by sight alone. Even without having been to all 50 states.  The United States is big. 3.797 million square miles. Not many people can say they’ve seen the entire country. Mostly because the United States of America claims a vast swath of North America. So, we’ll give you one image and a hint, and it’s up to you to correctly match the picture with the appropriate national landmark. Let your visual journey from sea to shining sea begin.

Did you know?

National Monuments

The designation of National Monuments began in 1906 with Theodore Roosevelt preserving approximately 230 million acres of public land. He established 150 national forest, five national parks, four national game preserves, 51 federal bird reserves and 18 national monuments.

He was not the president who designated the most monuments though. President Clinton designated 19, but President Obama is the record-holder with 26 monuments designated during his term. Before President Obama’s term, George W. Bush was far and away the frontrunner on monument designation by acreage. He designated 218.8 million acres, with President Jimmy Carter, the next closest predecessor with his 56 million acres. President Obama though reached 553.5 million acres designating marine monuments such as the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument. Only Presidents Nixon, Reagan and George H.W. Bush did not create monuments.

A memorial, on the other hand, designates a historical person or event and does not have to be located on a site directly related to the subject. The majority are owned and administered by the National Park Service.

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