Can You Identify these Presidents of the United States of America?


Remember taking U.S. history in high school? Sure you do, but do you actually remember anything beyond who was the first and sixteenth president?

These are the men who shaped U.S. policies embedded in the very fabric of our country. Think you know the names of all of them? Try out this quiz to see how much you recall!

Did you know?

Teddy Bears really were named after Theodore Roosevelt.

It happened when the United States President Theodore Roosevelt was hunting in 1902. He and Mississippi Governor Andrew H. Longino were competing to see who could catch an animal. A few of the men beat and tied up an American black bear. They told Roosevelt (or Teddy, as they called him despite his insistence they don't) he could shoot it. He refused, saying that was "unsportsmanlike" but someone else should put it out of its misery as it was suffering.

Days later, a comic was added to The Washington Post that made fun of this incident. Later on, people started noticing that the bear in the comic was cute and small.

Morris Michtom, the founder of the Ideal Novelty and Toy Company, saw the comic and was immediately inspired to create a bear in Roosevelt's likeness. After receiving permission from Roosevelt, he crafted a cute little bear, put it up in his shop window and labeled it "Teddy's Bear." He didn't know at the time how popular the item would soon be. But today, Teddy Bears are one of the most popular, and iconic, toys in the world.

If you need proof of its timelessness, take a look at Build-a-Bear Workshop! They have an annual revenue of about $400 million. All thanks to Theodore Roosevelt. So the next time you look at a teddy bear, think about the 26th President of the United States and his refusal to kill a black bear back in 1902. That kind of mercy and compassion deserves not only to be passed onto children's toys but politicians of today as well.

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