Can You Identify these Logos with an Image and a Hint?

Logos are graphic marks on practically anything we use today. They are most used by organizations, commercial enterprises, and individuals to advocate public recognition. Logos today are nothing like they used to be. In 1876, the first logo to be trademarked was the Bass red triangle. Nowadays logos are used for all brands, services, and companies. So, have logos made in imprint on you? What do you know?

Did you know?

Did you know that NASA has 2 logos; the meatball and the worm?

The meatball design features and represents a planet, the stars of space, the red chevron, and an orbiting spacecraft around the chevron. The red chevron is a wing that represents Aeronautics.

As far back as 1959, NASA (formerly National Committee for Aeronautics or NACA), changed into something that would further aeronautics and space. NASA Lewis Research Center illustrator's design was the chosen one for the new agency's official seal. James Modarelli was asked by the executive secretary of NACA to design a logo that could be used in a less formal purpose. Modarelli then simplified the seal, making it what we see today; white stars and an orbital path on a field of blue with the red chevron, and the capitalized NASA letters.

Although the NASA logo was around it was not called "Meatball" until 1975. By then they decided to change it a bit more into the name by itself in bright red letters with the cross stroke missing from the A. Of course, there was some hesitance to use it, but it was already approved and about to be put into use. It was dubbed "Worm." The "Worm," 17 years after its first use, won an "Award of Design Excellence" by the Presidential Design Awards. This sparked the idea to re-instate the "Meatball." Both are used now and again.

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