Can you Identify These Iconic Male Actors From Just An Image and a Hint?


We have watched these male actors deliver some of the most memorable lines and create some of the most iconic characters in film and television paving the way for themselves to become icons in their own right. They have made you laugh, cry, fall in love, or maybe even hate them. They have been gangsters, killers, gods, heroes, and lovers and their performances have earned them top salaries and top awards as well. These are the actors you can't forget.

Did you know?

Thespis was the first actor in history

Thespis of Icaria (or Dionysos, Greece), was known as the first person to ever appear on stage as an actor, rather than themselves.

Many actors now see Thespis as the father of acting, of drama. He was a singer who sang songs about mythology. He was known for introducing the concept of portraying someone other than yourself in a story, as well as switching between characters in a story with masks. He would be men, women, gods, humans, animals, and more.

This type of storytelling was called a tragedy. In 534 BC competitions were first held to find the "best tragedy" in Athens, and of course, he won. He then went on to invent touring. Thespis traveled to different places with his costumes and performed his tragedies for crowds. He had a little chariot that would have been his "tour bus."

So in short, Thespis invented acting, multiple characters in a play, touring, and the Oscars. It makes you wonder how no one before him ever thought of acting out the stories and only telling them. That first time he impersonated a character must have made him look quite insane. It would have been hard to explain to everyone what he was doing.

Thespis is a legend amongst actors and is indeed the first actor in history. Every actor that has ever lived owes their career to the Greek poet who got a little creative when reading his poetry.

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