Can You Identify These Famous Historical Figures?

From Greek philosophy to Hollywood with everything in between, this quiz challenges your knowledge of famous figures throughout history. Are you able to identify famous artists from a few simple clues? Would you be able to distinguish Martin Luther from Martin Luther King Jr. just by the facts? Test your knowledge by taking this quiz.

Did you know?

Hitler and Stalin Were Nominated for Nobel Peace Prizes

Yes! The Hitler! In 1939, someone sent a letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee, nominating "German Chancellor and Führer Adolf Hitler" as the man who should be awarded the 1939 Peace Prize. It stated that millions of people believed he was a man who deserved the highly respected award more than anyone.

He said that during the prior year, a war could have started in Europe, but Hitler saved the world from a "terrible catastrophe" making hum a great leader of the German people. The man said that he did not use the weapons that could have started a war, but used love for peace. That Adolf Hitler struggles for peace and not many recognize his greatness. He believed that Hitler was the only one that should be thanked for the peace the world had and would forever have as long as he lived. He named him the Prince of Peace, in fact.

But of course, nine months after the letter was written Hitler started the greatest, most deadly war in history. So this goes to show you how warped the view of world leaders can be. Even Josef Stalin, Fidel Castro, and Mussolini were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Soviet Union leader, Stalin was nominated for the Peace Prize in 1948 by a university professor. Did the professor know Stalin was running the Great Terror? Or that Stalin ordered the execution of 25,700 Polish POWs? Who knows? But Stalin even admitted that he lost track of the Polish soldiers he had ordered to be executed!

Who should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? Mother Teresa? Gandhi? Cool! Stalin? Hitler? Something isn't right here.

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