Can You Identify These Baby Items?


Anyone who has stepped foot in a baby store has probably experienced that jaw-dropping amazement at all of the items available. These little beings merit an entire superstore of inventory? Yes. It's true. And as any person who has looked after a baby will tell you -- man, they really do use a lot of those items.

Even if it is is just to put in mouth, drop on the floor, cry until someone gives it back. Then repeat the cycle again over and over.

At least in this quiz, you don't need to pick up, clean, or change any of these items. You merely need to identify them -- and, by the way, they are all BPA-free.

Did you know?

History of diapers

First, let’s flashback to the days before disposables. Did you know that babies in Elizabethan times, for instance, were wrapped in cloths that were changed so infrequently days of waste could accumulate? Ugh. Meanwhile, in some tropical environments, babies are not covered at all and just run about naked.

The diapers we know of evolved in the early 1800s. They weren’t typically washed often, but at least dried before reapplying. In the early 20th century, parents did start boiling diapers before using them again. In the 1940s parents could turn to a diaper service. Around this time too the first disposable diapers were introduced. In 1946 a US housewife named Marion Donovan presented a model of a disposable diaper with a cloth inserted into a shower curtain plastic. In the 1950s pre-folded diapers were invented, and the first snap-on diaper came to be nationally distributed.

There have been many improvements since then. Today, large distributors of cloth diapers are also around offering an alternative to plastic disposables.

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