Can You Identify these Animated Movies?


At the 74th Academy Awards in 2002, the Oscars recognized what many had already noted -- the quality of animated movies. Shrek won that first award for Animated Feature Film. That's what we want to know if you've got the gusto for. To quiz your knowledge of animated films.


We’ll give you a description of the features protagonist or main plot line, and a picture to go by. Your job is to pick the movie’s title. Don’t worry if there’s a gap in your knowledge (between your own childhood and when you had a kid you could take to go back again), we’ll offer hints along the way.

Did you know?

The Father or Animation

You may think of Walt Disney as the father of animated movies, but American animation actually owes its start to J. Stuart Blackton. The British filmmaker created the first animated film shown in America. He was originally a vaudeville performer known as the Komikal Kartoonist for his high-speed drawings. After meeting Thomas Alva Edison in 1895, he was inspired to draw for a film. Working with Albert E. Smith, Blackton formed the Vitagraph Company, which made a series of "trick films." Using stop motion (stopping and starting the camera while making a change in the scene being filmed), dissolves (the first scene slowly fades out at the same time that a second scene slowly fades in), and multiple exposures (filming one image, then rewinding the film and shooting a second image) they achieved what they called "magical effects." Their first creation "The Enchanted Drawing” depicted a drawing magically coming alive. You can see on YouTube the 1900 silent film showing a man drawing a cartoon face on an easel. He gives the figure a hat and also draws a bottle of wine, glass, and cigar (all of which become three-dimensional during the film). Blackton is the artist in the film, which he also directed, with Smith as cinematographer.

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