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Can You Identify These 80s Movies From One Screenshot?

Nathan, Heywise Staff
By Nathan, Heywise Staff

Pop your collar, get your neon shades on, and get ready for this 80s quiz. It's time to flashback to seeing movies in the new-fangled multiplex or the excitement of renting a video for the first time on VHS. This quiz challenges your memory of cinematic masterpieces (and some misses too) of the 80s.

Sometimes we’ll give you catchphrases to help you remember. Other times you’re going to have to go off a reminder of the movie poster slogan. Or we might toss in a little bit of trivia about something that seems so obvious we can’t imagine you really need help. Doing poorly on this quiz should be “inconceivable” for any true 80s movie enthusiast.

Did you know?

Han Solo Wasn't Supposed To Be Frozen

One of the most iconic scenes in "The Empire Strikes Back" was Han Solo frozen in carbonite, but this scene was not included in the original script. Han Solo was always meant to have the upper hand; originally, he was going to fly off with Chewie in the Millennium Falcon rather than get frozen in the carbonite. So what changed? Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher signed up for the entire trilogy but Harrison Ford was still undecided, so they created a scenario to make it easy to get rid of Han Solo if needed. George Lucas literally froze the character so they could do whatever they wanted or needed to with him. Nifty, right?

But why would Harrison Ford not want to play the role anymore? For the longest time, he didn't like Han Solo.

In the end, Harrison Ford did return for Return of the Jedi, so he isn't forever frozen in the carbonite (thank God). Just imagine what the whole franchise would have been if Han Solo died in "The Empire Strikes Back"?

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