Can you Identify These 1980s TV Shows by Just One Image?


No matter what generation you were born in, there is just something about the 1980s that brings a sense of nostalgia. Hit TV shows of the '80s featured a plethora of topics, from widowed spouses to adopted children. Dramatic soap operas, feel-good family shows, and gritty cop series were all the rage, not to mention bold talk shows and giggle-worthy Saturday morning cartoons.

Take our epic '80s TV show quiz to see how many you remember. You might notice some favorites that you forgot all about! It's okay, you have been busy checking your e-mail and texting your friends, but now is the time to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the best shows of the big hair and mixtape decade. Good luck!

Did you know?

The 80s were awesome

So many unique things were happening in the ‘80s, including the invention of home videocassette recorders, new video games, and the addition of the remote control to living rooms around the world. The cable network stations expanded from ABC, NBC, and CBS to include Ted Turner’s CNN, Barry Diller’s Fox, and Rupert Murdoch’s Twentieth Century Fox.

On-air discussions about sex and other taboo topics became popular on both daytime and nighttime talk shows manned by hosts like Geraldo Riveria and David Letterman. If all that was not provocative enough, politics were seamlessly intertwined into television and commercials in the 1980s unlike ever before, especially with President Ronald Reagan being a former TV host.

Nevertheless, this decade produced some of the best TV shows ever. People were definitely tuned in, too, with over 82% of American adults turning on the tube in 1986. In fact, the average household had the TV on for seven hours every single day. It’s no wonder the rise of the display ratings came the following decade.

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