Can You Guess Whether or Not These Celebs are Canadian?

With the reach of media going ever more global, stars today are recognized from around the world. One country, though, that can get overlooked is Canada. The True North Strong and Free's citizens performing below the border are easily absorbed and their nationality can be forgotten. Well, not here! We're going to quiz you on celebrities to see if you know who is actually Canadian (or at least Canadian born, we're not going to quibble over those who have elected to become American after decades living in Hollywood). If they started out eating Tim Horton's and know who Don Cherry is, they count as famous Canucks.

Did you know?

Wolverine is Canadian

He may not be a celeb, but he's just as famous! Wolverine was born as, not Logan, but James Howlett in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada in the 1880s. His mother was, and Elizabeth Howlett and his father was wealthy farmer John Howlett (no spoilers here).

He eventually moves to the Yukon and takes on the name "Logan." From there, he is enrolled in the Canadian military during World War I. It isn't till a long stay in Japan that he moves to the US. Though, all along, he was and is Canadian.

In fact, his first appearance was in a Hulk issue in 1974 when Hulk runs into him in Quebec. No one knew how iconic he would become in just a few short years! He's much more so than Hulk himself. When he made his first full appearance, the issue read, "He's here! The world's first and greatest Canadian superhero!" So it looks like his heritage is important!

The actor who portrays him in the live-action movies, however, is Australian Hugh Jackman. Oddly enough, Jackman uses an American accent in the movies rather than a Canadian one, despite being Australian by birth. Unfortunately, in 2017, Hugh Jackman resigned from the role of Wolverine after 17 years! He had a long, successful run and Marvel owes him a lot for bringing Wolverine's popularity up so much.

Through the years, Wolverine has been named one of the greatest comic book characters of all-time on multiple occasions. He's often behind only Superman and Batman. Even with this notoriety and popularity, not many people know of his heritage. Thankfully, now you do! So use this knowledge wisely, eh?

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