Can You Guess These Famous Stars' First Movie Roles?


Every great actor had to start somewhere. Some began with bit parts in obscure 1980s horror films while others took the film industry by storm with award-winning roles. It usually takes aspiring actors and actresses years of hard work and diligence before becoming big stars. A famous actor you now know as a dramatic thespian who takes very serious roles may have gotten his start in a cheesy 1980s romantic comedy.

Many acting legends started their career at a very young age and are almost unrecognizable in their debut performances. Others began acting later on in life after doing something entirely different. Sometimes their youthful self is recognizable, but it's surprising to learn it's his or her first movie role! How many first roles can you get right?

Did you know?

The origin of the "Oscar" nickname for the Academy Award of Merit statuette is disputed.

In 1939, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) officially adopted the moniker "Oscar" for its Academy Award of Merit statuette. By that time, the award had been frequently referred to as an Oscar by newspapers, actors, directors, and many others in the film industry. One popular story is that Academy librarian and executive director Margaret Herrick said that the statue resembled her Uncle Oscar when she saw the trophy for the first time.

In another story, Bette Davis, who was a president of the Academy in 1941, said she had named the award after her first husband, band leader Harmon Oscar Nelson. The nickname first appeared in print when Hollywood columnist Sidney Skolsky wrote in his March 16, 1934 column that Katharine Hepburn had "won an Oscar." Also in 1934, Walt Disney was the first person to thank the Academy for his win during his acceptance speech.

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