Can You Guess The Most Popular Halloween Candy In Your State?


We all know there are regional food preferences. That's what makes grits great in the south and cheese curds a staple in Wisconsin. But, did you know our taste bud loyalties also extend to candy? Candystore.com reviewed sales data for ten years to put together its map of which Halloween Candy is most popular where. We turned the results it into a quiz (that's just how we roll). Be warned though, some of the images may be red herrings (which are not as tasty as red licorice).


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Did you know?

Americans spend an average of $2.1 billion on candy at Halloween each year.

That’s roughly $47 per American. We also spend $2.6 billion annually on costumes (which helps explain those Halloween Outlet stores popping up after Labor Day), and even $330 million dressing up our furry friends. Nevertheless, Halloween is not the top sales period for candy in the U.S. Easter hops over top of October 31 with Christmas and Halloween rounding out the top four.

At least it is easier these days to eat our chocolate in moderation. The “fun size” chocolate bar was first introduced in 1961, by the Mars company, although it didn’t get that branding until 1968. Another tip on that front? Chocolate lasts for six to eight months, so there’s really no rush to eat the entire pillowcase or plastic pumpkin’s haul all in one sitting.

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