Can You Go Toe-to-Toe and Name These Famous Boxers?


They had the strength. They had the stamina. They had the coolest nicknames. In the last 150 years, professional boxers in the United States went from being outlaws playing a forbidden game to becoming some of the most famous and wealthiest athletes participating in matches watched by millions around the world. At one point, many considered boxing, not baseball, as America's pastime. Boxing was one of the first sports to be broadcast live on the radio. But how well do you know these supersized stars who dazzled the ringside mobs? Don't throw in the towel even if you think you're not a boxing expert. These are some of the most famous fighters to ever lace up their gloves.

Did you know?

Boxing has been a sport since ancient times

There have been depictions of boxing since at least the 3rd millennium BCE where you can find an image of boxing in a Sumerian relief. There are also depictions of people boxing in the artworks of ancient Egypt and India. By 688 BCE, boxing was part of the Olympics held in ancient Greece. Ancient Rome adopted this sport, and fights were even held in Roman amphitheaters. Fast forward to 1867 when the Marquess of Queensberry rules were drawn up.  These formed the guidelines for the modern game of boxing. But even with the organized rules, boxing was illegal in much of the United States. As time passed and the popularity of the sport grew, it was eventually legalized. Matches were first broadcast over the radio and then on TV. Movies were created based on both real and fictional fighters. In the late 1980s, Nintendo released a boxing video game featuring Mike Tyson. And even though in modern times sports like football and MMA dominate the headlines, there is still a thriving boxing community that lives for the organized brawls

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