Can You Get a Perfect Score on Our Hello Kitty Quiz?


Whether you loved her as a child or are still a huge fan well into adulthood, there's no denying the chokehold Hello Kitty has had on the world. She was originally created in 1974 by a Japanese company called Sanrio, and her popularity has skyrocketed ever since. Hello Kitty was initially targeted at young school girls but has since become popular with people of all ages and genders across the globe. Hello Kitty has made her way practically everywhere, from backpacks to pencil cases to dresses and more, and it doesn't look like she's going anywhere anytime soon! Do you have a strong love for Hello Kitty? Maybe you've idolized her since you were young and are still a huge fan now. Perhaps you've gone past your fangirl stage but still know everything there is to know about Kitty White. Think you're an expert? Prove it!

Did you know?

She's not actually a cat

Sorry if we've just ruined your day, but yes, it's true. Hello Kitty isn't actually a cat despite what most people think. Sanrio, Hello Kitty's creator, has clarified that Hello Kitty is a little girl and definitely not a cat. She's a cartoon character and a friend of others, but she is not an animal. If you think about it, it's sort of obvious. If Hello Kitty were, in fact, a cat, she would walk on all fours like other cats. Hello Kitty instead only uses her two legs to get around, thus showing that she's a little girl instead of an animal. To make matters even more confusing, Hello Kitty has her own pet cat. Do you remember Charmmy Kitty? This is Hello Kitty's beloved cat! She is depicted as a human with pets of her own. This confused and upset many people around the globe, but Sanrio stuck to their guns in saying that she was a person, not a feline.

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