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Can You Finish These Famous Quotes From Clueless?

Peg, Heywise Staff
By Peg, Heywise Staff

Since its release, Clueless has enjoyed cult-like status with new generations of fans both old and new. It’s outrageous characters, costumes, and fantabulous quotes keep it popular to this day. As an entertaining take on what it’s like to grow up as a clueless teenager in Beverly Hills, the movie continues to appeal to people because of how hilarious it is to watch. Now, you get to prove your knowledge of the film, its characters, and catchy sayings. Can you finish these famous Clueless movie quotes? Test your 90s rom-com prowess and we'll find out.

Did you know?

Clueless could've had a completely different cast

It's like no joke. The 90s were chock full of excellent performers who could've easily filled Alicia Silverstone's shoes. For instance, Sarah Michelle Geller was offered the lead role but had to turn it down because she was already too busy slaying vampires on the set of Buffy. Other notable actors who didn't make it past their auditions include young versions of Jeremy Renner, Terrance Howard, Lauryn Hill, and Zooey Deschanel. Can you imagine how different Clueless could have been? OMG, what if Paul Rudd had played all the roles in the film. We'd 100% watch that!

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