Can You Finish These Bible Verses?

Haven, Heywise Staff
By Haven, Heywise Staff

O come all ye faithful. Let us test our knowledge in these trials of our memorization of the Word of God. Take note that these come from different versions of the Bible, though the meaning remains the same. Most children are given small Bible verses to memorize to help them better understand the love of the Lord. But not many of them remember these verses through adulthood. So it takes regular practice and studying to really let those words stick to your brain. I bet you're here because you think that you have what it takes to pass this Bible quiz, that you’ve let those words really stick in your brain through the years. Let’s test you and let the quiz speak the truth.

Did you know?

The People Who Wrote The Bible Were All African, Asian, or European

Many people today imagine Jesus, Moses, and Noah as Caucasians, but this isn’t exactly the case. I mean, the “cradle of civilization” is known to be a good deal into Africa. So how does that not mean that many of our ancestors and men/women of the Bible are not African?

Let’s start with Noah, who most definitely was not a Jew or Israelite. He was a direct descendant of Adam, who also was not what most of the world would call “white” today. It is believed they looked like people from the Mediterranean long ago. As for his wife, word is that she was African, looking much like an Ethiopian would of today. Which means, their children, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, would be even darker than their father. But one who was most definitely even more similar to an Ethiopian woman would be Zipporah, who was Moses’ wife.

Then, Moses, we all know lived in Egypt, and even today, a dry land that requires tough darker skin. And it wasn’t just his wife that was majorly Black, but other women such as Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, and Bathsheba. But I think we’re missing one very important person depicted solely as white…Jesus. While it isn’t believed he was “black” exactly, he did indeed have much darker skin than expected.

The thing is, none of this matters. Those who follow him care not for the color of his skin, no matter how eye-opening it may be. God is God and Christ is Christ, even Rahab, is just Rahab. We know them for their works and their name, not the color of the skin.

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