Can You Define This British Slang?

Every group has its own way of speaking — whether it’s a particular posse of school kids or an entire culture. In this quiz, we’ll check whether or not you could fit in with the Brits. Can you sling their slang like a pro? You may find you do a better job channeling the familiar vocabulary of the British by enjoying some fish n’ chips or a lovely tea while you’re at it.

Warning: Some of the images will trick you.

Did you know?

The Union Jack

Even the British flag has a nickname. When it was first introduced in 1606, the flag was simply that — “the flag of Britain.” The flag was to be flown at the main masthead of all English and Scottish ships. In 1625, though, the first use of the name “Union” appeared. The Union Jack moniker is thought to have come from the familiar use of the word “jack” to mean diminutive. Apparently, it was common for ships to mount a smaller version of the Union flag on a small mast mounted on the bowsprit. This particular flag came to be known as “the Jack,” “Jack flag” or “the King’s Jack.” By the 18th century, it was common practice to fly the Union Jack only in a harbor. In 1902 the Admiralty officially embraced the use of “Union Jack” to refer to the flag. In 1908, Parliament approved the idea of the Union Jack being “regarded as the National flag.”

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