Can You Crush This General Knowledge Quiz?


Are you a smartie trivia buff who thinks they always know the answer? Even to those challenging, obscure questions? Admit it; you know you could win on Jeopardy. Well, take this quiz that has questions about everything from pop culture to science and geography to find out how smart and filled with general knowledge you really are. Can you crush it?

Did you know?

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While you may think being a walking encyclopedia that is a repository of general knowledge is only useful if you are planning on trying to earn money on a game show, you may be surprised to learn that studies have found that people who are highly knowledgable about facts in many areas tend to also test higher on intelligence tests. General knowledge is defined as culturally valued knowledge encompassing a broad subject range. These subjects typically include art, biology, film, mathematics, politics, sports, games, and geography. And people who have this knowledge also tend to have good long-term memory and strong verbal ability.

Unsurprisingly, people’s general knowledge tends to increase with age. Research has found that, on average, men tend to score higher than females in most domains of knowledge. People who are filled with general knowledge tend to be more open to new experiences, more interested in intellectual engagement, and most likely did better in school and on tests. And in case you pride yourself on having lots of general knowledge, and want to add another impressive fact to your volume, the term “walking encyclopedia” comes from a poem from the 1600s called “Tears of Peace” by George Chapman.

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